Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jennifer and Galen's wedding, May 22, 2010

I had met Jeniffer's twin sister when I was in College. I had the opportunity to help assist
Josephine's wedding a couple years ago and this May Jennifer had asked me to be her day of coordinator.

Isn't she beautiful!?

Jennifer and Galen are so in love, they were college sweethearts!

They were able to get plenty of great shots around Berkeley's campus before the ceremony! I encourage couples to include pictures before the ceremony in your day of timeline! It's definitely worth it =)

Their ceremony was at the beautiful St. John Presbyterian church in Berkeley! It definitely felt great being back near campus!

The reception was held at Caffe Verbena in Oakland. It was an extremely windy day but the reception hall was gorgeously decorated! Jennifer is incredibly creative, each table were decorated with candles, flowers in 3-4 little vases, and as favors, they had different candy vases all over each table. There were plenty of candy left over! Congratulations and I'm very happy for you both!

here's a video that captures the amazing day from IQvideography

Thea and David's

It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm excited to update all the weddings I've done for the rest of 2010~

I helped coordinate Thea and David's wedding in May and the pictures finally arrived!

Love the green! The ceremony was located at The W hotel in Newark, beautiful decorations and flowers by Nicole Ha!

I LOVE this picture! Thea and David are a really sweet couple!
Thank you Raymond for your recommendation!

The reception took place in a restaurant in Fremont called Asian Pearl. The guests definitely had a blast. They had plenty of dancers and partied till the end of the night!

Congratulations to you both! Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thu and Troy - March 27, 2010

Thu had found me on Google's recommendation page.
She currently works for Google and met her groom
Troy who works at Apple at a workshop. They are
a very beautiful couple and the most low maintenance
people I've had the pleasure to work with.

Thu and Troy had preferred to get their
bouquets and flowers from
I had ordered them to arrive on Thursday
as the wedding was on Saturday so it will give
them time to bloom. This was the first time
I had ordered flowers from Costco and I was
very pleased with their service and their product!
I had to take the bouquets out and put it in water
and into the fridge but it was well worth the price!

Thu and Troy had a Vietnamese tea ceremony
Troy and his family came to Thu's house bringing
"betrothal presents" composed of gifts of
fruits, tea, cake, and wine. Afterwards, Thu and Troy
serves tea to their parents, friends and family. Their loved ones
would take turn to give their blessing, advice about marriage, and
gifts including red envelopes or jewelry.

The couple had their ceremony at
Quinlan Community Center in Cupertino.
Her colors were red and I had fun tying
up each individual red bows !

Their reception was at Mings.
This would be the Fifth or Sixth time
I've coordinated receptions at Mings in Palo Alto!
Thu and Troy are a very special couple, they both
just look so beautiful together!

They personalized their table names
with different technology companies
including: Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook,
etc. It definitely fit both Thu and Troy's

After doing over 40 weddings, I've learned a few games
that are very entertaining and gets the audience engaged
and have fun!

Big group picture on the dance floor!

Congratulations Thu and Troy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Erika and Raymond's Wedding August 1, 2010

I met Erika and Raymond through Candy.
Candy was one of Erika's bridsemaids. Erika and Raymond are
very easy going and was extremely my pleasure to
work with. The photographer is
The pictures look beautiful but it's because the
Bride and Groom are very beautiful people!

They got ready at a near by hotel. Erika's
dress is one of my personal favorite wedding dresses I've ever
seen. She looks magnificent!

I came early in the morning
to style all the bridesmaids
hair for the big day!

The ceremony was also at a very popular church called
Palo Alto Methodist Church. I have coordinated 4 weddings
at this church. The church coordinator is Jessie and she's a
pleasure to work with.

They took pictures off site
after the Ceremony at
Stanford, make sure
you apply for the permit
before you take pictures

The reception took place at Zen Peninsula at 1180 El Camino Real, in Milbrae, CA.
This restaurant had 4-5 flat screen TVs all around so it was very convenient
for guests to see the head table! This was one of my favorite
grand entrances for the reception! The maid of honor and the best man
pranced in as "Pimp and Pimpette" It was definitely entertaining!

Erika had three outfits that she changed into. White wedding dress-
to her adorable Kimono and to also show her support to Ray, she
wore a Chinese Chi Bao.

Congratulations Erika and Ray!

Friday, January 22, 2010

First time Food tasting- First time being a bridesmaid!

Wedding in Palm Springs May 29, 2010!
The wedding is at Dessert Springs a JW Marriott Resort & Spa

Check out the site:

I met the bride Marjorie at my first job out of college. Marjorie and Joe are two really sweet and loving couple. They are very family oriented and are so selfless.

Lobby entrance

The food was AMAZING! We got smaller size portions to taste but
the real portion is honestly the biggest portion of any American wedding
I've ever seen!

Sweet Potato Bisque with Chorizo En Croute!

Arugula, Romaine heart. Teardrop tomatoes, Dr cherries, and Walnut
balsamic Shallot Vinaigrette! The candy walnuts were addicting =)

Soup or Salad?
They both were really yummy but decided to go with the soup!

Coriander Crusted Salmon
Lemon scented risotto with pea tendrils and cipollini onions!
Loved the Risotto!
I knew this was my meal for the wedding day!

Herb Crusted Bone in Chicken
Mushroom and potato hash, jumbo asparagus and shallot pan jus!
Chicken was really soft and huge portions!

Seriously the thickest, biggest portion of Filet Mignon!
8oz center cut Filet Mignon with skillet fried fingerling potatoes,
cipollini onions, wild mushrooms and spinach with sherry reduction! If I ate steak, I'd definitely would finish this! =) =)

Dark Chocolate Bombe!
Soft caramel center, cinnamon anglaise with
cocoa bean tuile! =)

Dark, Milk, and White chocolate pyramid
Passion fruit coulis and vanilla cream.

Just looked pretty =) We chose the dark chocolate Bombe instead.

The cupcakes are the only downfall.
Marjorie initially wanted to have cupcakes
but it seemed a bit dry so Marjorie and Joe
decided to go with mini cakes instead!
Velvet cake! YUM My favorite!

The scenery from the ceremony site
Outdoor wedding in May at Palm Springs
Tentative weather temp in May: 90 degrees!
Short dress with flip flops for the bridesmaids! =)

The bride will enter the ceremony in a boat from inside
the lobby next to the bar...

around the lake to the ceremony site!